• Go travel now

    Don't worry about the destination.

    The destination is who you are becoming...

    You cannot know who you are becoming before you become it,

    and by then it is already outdated information.

    Just go travel now...

  • Global Hobo

    Too often, people will pass off travel with the excuse that they can’t afford it. But you can – you’ve just gotta be willing to slum it. Sure – you might have to spend a few nights a year sleeping on airport floors, in buses and under bridges; your shoes might be holier than the Pope and you may make some questionable life choices when it comes to finding uneaten food in a rubbish bin. But some people are so poor that all they have is money. Instead, you will have is a life so rich and bursting with tantalising new experiences that you’ll forget why you ever wanted something as petty as a new car or handbag.

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